Judge Deborah Nekhom Tarrant County Criminal Court #4

Judge Deborah Nekhom

Proudly Serving

Tarrant County

Since 2003


Over 40,000 Cases

Handled in Her Court

in 15 Years

Judge Deborah Nekhom Tarrant County Criminal Court #4

Meet Judge Nekhom

Judge Deborah Nekhom is seeking voters’ support for her fifth term in office. She was first elected her in 2002 and took the bench in January of 2003.

Since then, her court has handled over 40,000 cases and her qualifications are paying off for Tarrant taxpayers. Of the ten County Court judges we have in Tarrant County, there are only two who are certified experts in criminal law. Judge Nekhom is one of them.

Judge Nekhom is a conservative, and a Republican, who strictly follows the law, the Constitution of the United States, and that of the State of Texas. She does not believe judges should ever legislate from the bench, or attempt to create law. When it comes down to it, the Judge’s job is to run the court and the docket efficiently, while always providing both sides a fair trial and dependable rulings.

During her fifteen years in office, Judge Nekhom has gone the extra mile to make a positive impact on the lives of our youth. She believes that it is vitally important to work with young people, who come into contact with the criminal justice system, in order to engage them appropriately, and avoid recidivism, and to teach them about consequences for their choices.

She has also made a large commitment of her personal time and training to help persons with issues of substance abuse and addiction. To that end, she presided over the Tarrant County DIRECT drug court program for seven years. Judge Nekhom currently presides over a specialty DWI misdemeanor court program that is designed to address high risk, high need drunk and drugged drivers. It is an intensive, year long program intended to reduce the risks to society caused by these drivers.

Judge Nekhom has also been the only bilingual judge in Tarrant County. She speaks Spanish fluently, and uses that skill daily to save the taxpayers money on interpreter fees.